Weekend for Strings Honor Orchestra

Fred Fox School of Music
September 24-26, 2015

About the Weekend for Strings

The UA School of Music string faculty and Dr. Thomas Cockrell will host an honor orchestra of high school violin, viola, cello, string bass and harp students from Arizona and across the Southwest.

Violinist Vijay Gupta of the Los Angeles Philharmonic will be our guest artist. He will perform as soloist with both the Arizona Symphony Orchestra and the Weekend for Strings Honor Orchestra.

Activities will include master classes given by UA string faculty and Mr. Gupta, rehearsals and concerts of the Arizona Symphony and the UA Weekend for Strings Honor Orchestra. High school string instrumentalists are encouraged to audition!


  • Compete to be in a regional orchestra in the Southwest United States
  • Have an opportunity perform in a master class
  • Meet and perform with Vijay Gupta who performs with Dudamel in the L.A. Philharmonic
  • Road Trip!

Guest Artist

Vijay Gupta

Vijay Gupta

Violinist, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Violinist Robert Vijay Gupta joined the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the age of 19. He made his solo debut, at age 11, with the Israel Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta. He’s got a master’s in music from Yale. And an undergraduate degree in Pre-med. As an undergrad, Gupta was part of several research projects in neuro- and neurodegenerative biology.

He held Research Assistant positions at CUNY Hunter College in New York City, where he worked on spinal cord neuronal regeneration, and at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine Center for Neurologic Diseases, where he studied the biochemical pathology of Parkinson’s disease.

Gupta is passionate about education and outreach, both as a musician and as an activist for mental health issues. He has the privilege of working with Nathaniel Ayers, the brilliant, schizophrenic musician featured in “The Soloist,” as his violin teacher.

Audition to Participate

Submit a recorded audition.

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Register to Participate in the Weekend for Strings

Submit Your Audition


Each student will pay a $10 audition fee that must accompany the audition’s registration form. If the student is selected to participate, a registration fee of $50 will pay for the festival, which is due, with its registration form, on or before September 18th, 2015.

Send checks, payable to University of Arizona,  to:

University of Arizona
Fred Fox School of Music
Att: Matt Spieker
P.O. BOX 210004
1017 N. Olive Rd.
Tucson AZ 85721-0004



Rehearsal Attendance

Musicians must attend all rehearsals for the festival to be in good standing. Also, it is imperative that musicians are on time for all rehearsals.


No recordings, video or audio, of the performances are allowed.

Housing and Meals

All students must be chaperoned by an adult and all housing and meals are the responsibility of the chaperone. The university will provide a list of nearby hotels and restaurants. Make every effort to secure accommodations as soon as possible.


Concert Dress

Concert dress is traditional all black, ladies black dresses and gentlemen in tuxedos. You may wear your school’s concert dress or any other attire that is appropriate. Please, no jeans, tennis shoes or white socks.


Please leave all copies of the music on the stand when you finish performing.


Seating Auditions

Musicians must audition for seats in the WFS Honor Orchestra. These auditions begin at 2:00 PM on September 24th at the Fred Fox School of Music. You can only sign up for an audition time after checking in by the front office. Material for the chair auditions will be derived from the WFS Honor Orchestra music.



Tickets for both Thursday’s and Saturday’s concerts are $10 for adults and $5 for students. Tickets can be purchased by phone, online or at the door.

CFA Box Office

Every participant and director/chaperone will receive one complimentary ticket for each of the two concerts.


The Weekend for Strings will be held at the Fred Fox School of Music at 1017 N Olive Road, Tucson, AZ.

Information on nearby accommodations coming soon.

Fred Fox School of Music